Powder Coating

Painting lines

Powder Spraying Painting is a key treatment in die casting industry to achieve a solid protected surface to survive cast bases and covers from all kinds of varied outdoor weathers. Most casters outsource their powder painting due to capability and environmental concerns. On the contrary, Kingrun picks the option to build our own painting line. The advantage is obvious. Fast action, stable output, reliable quantity and controllable efficiency. In addition to an automatic rotary line we have two smaller painting cabinets called bread cabinet where samples and small batch productions are painted in a very soon time. The painter has been working in shop 13 years and the painting always go smooth in a fast and easy way.

Strict tests are performed for any paint and any painted surface.

Painting thickness: 60-120um

Non-destructive test

Thickness Test

 Gloss Test

Cross cut Test

Bending Test

Hardness Test

Corrosion Test

Strike Test

Abrasion Test

Salt Test

Customer Spec. is always abided fully in place concerning spots, less spray and over spray.

In-house electro-static powder coating line.

Pre-coating surface treatment baths: hot degreasing, de-ionized water, chrome plating .

Specifically optimized high technology spraying guns for our special products.

Flexible coating solutions of paint-protected (masked) products with different RAL codes and specifications.

Full automatic high-tech conveyor band, all process parameters are controlled strictly.

Painting line