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Guangdong KINGRUN

Guangdong Kingrun Technology Corporation Limited was established as a professional die caster in Hengli Town of Dongguan, China.It has evolved to an excellent die caster providing many types of precision casting components which are widely used in many industries.


  • Aluminum housing of battery enclosure

    What is the best material for a battery enclosure?

    As technology continues to advance, the demand for efficient and reliable energy storage solutions has never been greater. One crucial component of these energy storage systems is the battery enclosure, which plays a vital role in protecting the batteries and ensuring their optimal performance. W...

  • What is precision die casting

    What is precision die casting?

    High precision die casting is a crucial process in the manufacturing industry, playing a significant role in the production of complex and intricate metal components. This advanced manufacturing technique involves injecting molten metal into a steel mold, known as a die, under high pressure. The ...

  • Aluminum heatsink applied in electric control system of vehicles

    A Global Supplier of World-Class Fabricated Products-Aluminum die casting

      Kingrun provides superior quality custom die casting parts and components for a wide range of industries including automotive, telecommunications, machinery, electrical, energy, aerospace, submarine and others. Our die casting machines range from 400 up to 1,650 metric tons, we can produce...