Impregnation line
Leak testing

Impregnation for Porosity Sealing is a very useful technology to test and handle porosis in die casting Aluminum parts. Adhesive agent is pressurized into holes inside parts and solidify to fill empty core areas thereafter porosity issue is solved perfectly.


1. Cleansing and degreasing.

2. Impregnate into cabinet.

3. Vacuum handling under air pressure 0.09mpa, air is removed from empty cores.

4. Input liquid adhesive agent into cabinet and keep around 15 minutes then air returns to normal.

5. Some times compressor is needed for big parts to push agents to into cores.

6. Dry parts.

7. Remove adhesive agents on surface.

8. Solidify in water sink under 90℃, 20 minutes.

9. Pressure Test according Spec.

Kingrun built a fresh new Impregnation line in June of 2022 which mainly services automobile industry.

Nowadays customer is updating their requirement frequently towards perfectness. To catch up with the fast-going steps investment on useful equipment does takes a big part in our budget but so far every single facility is functioning on a proper place in the factory which encourages us to move forward more competently.